Episode #32: Kids are Moving

Don’t worry, we didn’t infringe upon child labor laws when we moved.

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Aaaand we’re back!

The spring and summer got out of hand for us, as we were trying to find a new house, which we were successful in locating! We moved in May and have been settling ever since as the kids also finished up school in June. On the bright side, we love our new house and even have our own recording studio now!

With the move came some turmoil with our kids, and as you probably already know, moving can be tough on your children.

Trish and I talk about our challenges with our 4 year old, as he took the move tougher than anyone else. We also share some pointers and advice on how you might deal with your child throughout all portions of a move, from preparation to settling in.

We share our own experience with our recent move, and more tips from experts. Background TV may affect kids’ health, most kids eat fruit (even if it’s french fries), ADHD drugs may up the risk of heart problems with kids, and we get a listener email from CHINA! We’re back, and we have a brand spanking new recording studio, so we ain’t going anywhere.

Settle in for another episode of Kids are Hard! Enjoy!