Episode 17: Kids are “Evel”

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Happy New Year! My personal podcasting resolution is to record every 2 weeks…Trish isn’t exactly on board. I must use a carrot.


“Boys will by boys” the old saying goes. Kids are “Evel!” No, that’s not a typo, of course boys are not “evil” (some could argue against that), but they can be like Evel Knievel.

In this podcast, Trish and I talk about our little 2 year old toddler and all the wonderful behaviors he is now exhibiting, including punching, kicking, throwing toy trains at his sister and being all around mischievous.

Website of the Week

Parenting Toddler Boys

Research has noted these marked differences between boys and girls:

  • it starts around 10 months of age and is very apparent at 2 and 3 years old
  • it’s about action and independence
  • boys language skills develop slower than girls, so they tend to get frustrated in situations, most likely because they can’t communicate as well
  • research has also shown that while playing, boys look for their mother far less than girls. Girls typically look for approval through frequent eye contact while playing. However, this doesn’t mean that boys value their relationship with mom less than girls.
  • 2 year old boys are very attracted to other children, both boys and girls, but it’s tough for them to become “friends.”
  • Cognitive development soars between 2 and 3, and boys will try and understand how everything around him works, including door handles, mechanisms of every kind, and this can lead to precarious situations
  • They also don’t understand cause and effect, so as parents, we need to respond appropriately and without corporal punishment. Just phrases like, “no, we don’t do that” Don’t call him a bad boy or spank him.
  • As a parent, it comes down to balancing of fostering his independence with being there for emotional support and caring when he needs it.

Parenting News of the Week

‘Safety-First’ Playgrounds Linked to Bored, Inactive Kids: Study

Trish and I talk about this thought-provoking article on how safer playgrounds are actually linked to bored and inactive kids. Basically, there’s no challenge for them anymore! Of course, there are also fewer hospital visits as well.

Parent Loser of the Week

This mother certainly know how to embarrass her son on national TV.

Listener Feedback

Daniel's "Techy" Christmas List

This picture was sent to us by one of our listeners, Elaine, and it tells the tale of her 9 year old son Daniel’s “techy” christmas list. Trish and I got a hoot reviewing this one (Mac OS X Lion Installation disc!? ), so much we’re going to send him a $15 iTunes gift card! (no, not $50 like he wanted, we need sponsors for that!).


Thanks for all the listener feedback! We’d love more on iTunes!

Chad and Trish

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