Episode 18: Kids are Therapeutic

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I know, I know, I know. We say it EVERY time we podcast but we apologize for taking so long to get out another podcast. We have been busy like all of you – parenting, working and keeping up with life in general are hard enough, but we do have a good excuse. We moved. Is there anything you hate more than having to pack, move and unpack? Moving is torture to begin with, but moving with 2 kids is really tough. Especially when one of those kids is a 2 year old dare-devil! That actually brought us to the topic of our current podcast, Kids are Therapeutic.

As difficult as it’s been for us dealing with all of the ups and downs of selling our home and moving while trying to keep up with everyday life, our kids were just the therapy we needed to end each day with a smile. We were worried about how the move would impact the kids – Maya adjusted very well, Noah had a bit tougher time understanding why we aren’t going “home” anymore. Through it all, the kids were so funny and nutty and, well, just…KIDS. They were more worried about getting the color popsicle they wanted for dessert than where they would be living. The last day in our house I had a tough time saying goodbye to Noah’s nursery. It was hard for me to leave the room we brought him home to for the first time, the room where I nursed him as an infant – I felt like we were living his baby phase behind as well as our house. My 6 year old daughter Maya made me feel better by saying something more profound than a child her age should really even understand. She said “Mom, this is just a house. Our home is wherever our family is, as long as we’re together we will be happy!”

Kids. Are. Therapeutic.

I started thinking back to the hard times we’ve been through this year – Noah’s seizures, my injury, losing my grandmother…in all of these tough times, we’ve also been blessed with incredible joy and I can honestly say that it all relates to our beautiful kids. Even though Kids are “hard” they are also just amazing.

Parenting News of the Week

ADHD Diagnosed More in Younger Children

I find this article very interesting, especially since our daughter is one of the youngest (if not the youngest) kid in her class. Are kids being misdiagnosed because they are less mature and not actually ADHD?


Website of the Week

St Patrick’s Day Crafts

We’ve told you about this site before, but it’s worth sharing again for their new St. Patty’s Day section. If you’re looking for fun activities and crafts to share with your kids in honor of St. Patrick’s day, look no further!


Parent Winner of the Week

Three year old swallows 37 powerful magnets

Trish and I talk about this thought-provoking article on how safer playgrounds are actually linked to bored and inactive kids. Basically, there’s no challenge for them anymore! Of course, there are also fewer hospital visits as well.


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Chad and Trish


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