Episode 25: “Kids are Portable”

Didn’t we all used to ride in cars this way?

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We’ve had quite the busy spring and summer and just came back from our longest-driving trip with kids to date. Granted, it was only 8-9 hours each way, but that’s long with a 3 and 7 year old!

We have some tips and tricks that we used that helped us tremendously, and Trish shares that on the podcast. It includes many electronics, arts and crafts, and food.

Website of the Current Episode

Keeping on the topic of preparing for a road trip with kids, this site has some excellent information that we also discuss. Here’s the link:

Road Trip Survival Guide

Parenting News

Trish and I discuss this latest survey on how you present healthy eating to your kids really matters from the direction you approach it.

Focus on Health, Not Fat, in Food Talks With Kids

Parent Loser of the Episode

In lieu of a parent loser, we found this funny/eye-opening list on how to actually raise a loser. Hopefully you don’t fit too many items on this list!

Attention Parents! How to Raise a Loser

If a parent wants to raise a child who is self-centered, uncaring, unable to take care of himself, and most likely to fail as an adult, just do the following:

1. Give the child everything he wants, let him do whatever he wishes whenever he wishes, but, of course, only after you have first said no and he has whined or thrown a temper tantrum.

2. Whenever he is accused of wrongdoing, always refuse to believe it; accuse others of picking on him and defend him at all costs.

3. Don’t give him any responsibilities. Do everything for him. This way he’ll expect the world owes him a living.

4. Don’t worry about commitments to others. Whenever you or your child change your mind, that’s okay.

5. Let him stay out at night as long as he wishes, and don’t concern yourself with what he’s doing. Trust that he’s learning to take care of himself.

6. Fight with your spouse regularly, especially in the presence of your child. Then get a divorce and blame your child for the divorce.

7. Blame your child for everything.

8. Become a habitual abuser of alcohol, use illegal drugs, and refuse to practice common etiquette in your child’s presence.

9. Complain regularly in your child’s presence about how unfair the world is, how untrustworthy people are, how people who are racially or ethnically different are the cause of all problems.

10. Never admit to your child that you are wrong, never apologize for a mistake.

11. Never take time to listen to your child or take his wishes into account.

12. Never tell your child that you love him. This way he’ll be better prepared for a rough and tumble world, a “dog eat dog world” where only the strong survive.

13. Teach him that it’s okay to do whatever he wants as long as he can get by with it (avoid getting caught).

14. Always compare him unfavorably with his brothers and sisters, telling him things like, “Why can’t you be like your brother?” and, “Your sister wouldn’t have done that,” and show obvious favoritism toward his siblings, letting them do things he is not allowed to do, and giving them more than you give him.

15. Raise your child in a chaotic, unorganized home environment where there is little or no routine so his life will be filled with uncertainties and inconsistencies.


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And remember everyone, Always kiss your children goodnight – even if they’re already asleep.

Chad and Trish

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