Kids are Hard #28: Kids Are Siblings

Our kids may be 4 years apart, but that doesn’t stop the rivalry (photo from

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The theme of today’s podcast comes from Lisa Rodriguez, a long time listener of Kids are Hard. She suggested a show about siblings, and well, we have 2 kids, and their sibling rivalry is certainly showing it’s cute and adorable head. We discuss a post by Debra Dane who shares her top 5 tips to encourage siblings without rivalry.

We briefly touch upon the Super Bowl (and how the 49ers were so close to once again making an appearance) and ideas we shared with you a year ago to make the event fun for the whole family. You can check out all of the great recipe and craft ideas here.

We will occassionally read listener mail, so get those carrier pigeons flying our way! We’ll read it on the air!

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And remember everyone, Always kiss your children goodnight – even if they’re already asleep.

Chad and Trish

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