Episode #30: Kids are Angels

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This one was particularly rough to record. In fact, Trish was busy for the day, so I forged ahead with my first solo podcast for Kids are Hard.

We don’t directly know the Kranz family, but they live just a few streets away from us. They had trouble conceiving children a while ago, and through various treatments and after failed adoptions, their first child was born in October 2007. Her name, Jennifer Lynn Kranz. Why did I dedicate a whole podcast to her? Her story touched our hearts and many hearts in not only our town, but this nation.

JLK, as they call her, was diagnosed with DIPG on her 6th birthday. A Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) is cancer of the brainstem, and it’s not curable and 100% fatal. Most kids don’t make it a year.

What’s amazing about this family is that they took action and didn’t go hide in a corner, accepting defeat. Although they knew the ultimate outcome would be for JLK, that was the catalyst to the creation of a moving blog, www.loveforjlk.org.

Jennifer’s mother,  Libby, has kept up a prolific schedule with articulate and emotionally-charged writing. Everything from mundane days, visits to the doctor, a trip to Disneyland, and ultimately the last few days of JLK’s life. Libby also has implored every single visitor to take action to increase government funding for pediatric research, which currently only receives 4% of all cancer research funds.

Despite a heroic battle by this little soldier with “glitter in her veins,” JLK passed away early morning yesterday, February 12, 2014.

It’s strange, we don’t know this little girl, but her story has touched so many.

Aside from the links above, I mention a few more:

This podcast is about 19 minutes of me rambling, but I think I expressed my feelings sufficiently.   We all pray that this will never strike anyone in our own families, especially our children.

Please listen.


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